London Bridge Night View 5-Panel Canvas Wall Art

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At least 4 Great reasons to buy from us:

Show off your style with a London Bridge Night View 5-Panel Canvas Wall Art set from WOW!Art!

Add some stunning WOW! ART to any room in your home, office or business and enjoy our eye-catching and long-lasting wall art. You’ll find plenty of options that will suit your tastes and your space.

Contemporary home decor in your own personal style! We offer affordable canvas wall art sets, printed with HD technology, in an assortment of colors, styles, sizes, and images. They're ready to hang — see How To Hang It tab below.

  • What is the Best Size for my wall?

    Canvas Wall Art and Multi-Panel Canvas Pieces are the modern way to brighten up your walls and help you relax or help motivate you and, in a business, your clients and co-workers. These pieces are sure to captivate wherever you place them. Multi-panel canvas wall art like this one are especially popular in any location — and we have them available in a selection of sizes to fit anywhere you want.

    • Here is why our Wise Finds Wall Art is a Smart Buy:
      • They are printed on 100% premium canvas for the utmost durability;
      • They are ready and easy to hang using our included 3M Command™ nail-free hangers (see "How To Hang Your Art").
      • Each piece is unconditionally guaranteed for your first 30 days.
    • This product is built to the international standard metric measurement system. So, in the Size Selector, we converted the overall dimensions to inches for your convenience. They are not the exact size as the real metric dimensions but are rounded up to the nearest whole inch. (Note: We account for a 3/4" to 1" gap between each panel).
    • We gave each size a nickname to give you an idea on where its proportions would look their best.
      • Small is our Space Saver for limited wall space. Do you have a small spot where you want to make a statement — like a bathroom or an office cubicle? This selection will be an ideal solution for you.
      • Medium is a nice size to brighten up the wall behind a table so that it doesn’t overwhelm the setting. It’s also a nice size to project your image in an office setting – with or without a window in the office – like a business office, restaurant, or salon. (PS: We have discounts if you need to appoint several walls in your business. … How about a hotel?)
      • Large size is at home in your living room and really stands out when you place it above your couch. Yet, in most cases, it won't overdo it whereas a Giant size might.
      • Giant is a spectacular size and will make that statement in your master bedroom behind your bed! This is the WOW! In WOW! Art. It’s also a way to make your office reception area really stand out!

    The old way of hanging pictures is to, first, hammer a nail into the wall and, probably, attach a sawtooth hanger or a wire to the picture. You can still use this method, of course. But what if you want to change the picture's position on the wall? Or what if you're renting and the landlord's rules don't allow nails in the wall?

    We found a reliable solution to this issue and highly recommend using this method! – This is why we send you a complete set FREE! for every WOW! Art picture you order. Here's a product that's easy to use and doesn't leave a mark or residue on your wall. It's tried and true from 3M — the makers of Scotch Tape. The system is called Command™ Damage-Free Hanging System.

    This Command™ Hanging System is self-adhering strips that easily snap together. — Best of all — according to 3M, the strips can be easily removed from your wall without leaving a mark. – Be sure to watch the video below.

    The product is available in 3 sizes: Small; Medium; and Large. When you order art from our store we send you a full set for each art piece you purchase ABSOLUTELY FREE! That's worth over $11. They are also available at low cost in our Accessories department so you can eliminate nails everywhere.

    • The picture hanging strips work like magic. They are very easy to apply as you'll see in the video from 3M, below, that shows how to use the system. ALL of our wall art is light enough to use the Small size strips.
    • Please note: There are some instances where the Command™ Hanging system will not work. For example, if you want to hang your art on a rough wall like brick or stucco, or any wall with a fuzzy wallpaper. In these instances, you'll need to find an alternative method.
    • If you need to relocate your art, you can't the strips you remove from the wall. Therefore, to help you, we offer replacement strips in our Accessories department. … And if you really need to use a hammer and nails, there are traditional hangers available.
    • Command's website ( here )  is quite informative and also has nice Application and Removal videos.

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