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May 17, 2018 0 Comments

Welcome to our Marketplace.

In my travels, I loved to visit art shows and craft fairs. The variety of unique handmade goods, plus the talented people behind them, always captivated me. It has always been a highlight of my travel adventures.

I also noted the toil and effort these craftsmen put into getting their goods to market.

Having an audience that I know would appreciate their creative work, I envisioned an online marketplace to display this creativeness. These makers could sell their creations in a marketplace that provides a solid platform to stand behind them. We provide the reliability of Shopify’s payment structure and our marketing, product support and product guarantee.

This result: "Wise Finds Smart Buys Marketplace" is divided into several “shops”, each with their own line and theme:


Trader Dave’s Wise Finds – my original online store which I began way back when the technology could barely deliver my vision of bringing the world of arts and crafts to you.

Trader Dave shop is the leading edge of our explorations and adventures. Here we'll focus on the area of kitchen and bar accessories and decor. My wife and I almost always have a glass of wine with dinner. So, in this vein, you will be finding items related to dinner and winery that we like and enjoy.


WOW!Art – aka Wall Art World, is like an art exhibition. WOW!Art currently focuses on trending multi-panel canvas art. You will find hand-created and photographic art printed on quality canvas using the best archival inks. There are also genuine original pieces, hand-painted by real artists.

We know these designs are available by others. Thus, we not only maintain a low, competitive price but add extra value. You will get free set of hanging strips that do not need nails in your wall!

The main event of the WOW!Art shop is the exclusive offerings. This is art you will not find anywhere else. And most of these are limited editions – meaning only a certain number of a particular piece will be sold!


Enamelwareutensils go back centuries! They’ve enabled soldiers to endure and win battles. It’s been the best way to make coffee out in the wild west. It’s also a wonderful way of enjoying a good cup of coffee at work.

There is a family in Poland who enjoyed using enamel products so much while roughing it camping in the Polish woods that they decided to explore its creation. They honed their maker skills to translate their vision into a viable product line. Their artful creations became highly-desirable dinner sets.

We are lucky to have found them, thus, our Enamelware Shop. You must visit and explore their artistry in enamel. You might see a dinner set on your own table!

Kool Tools Store– What do we do with the other things we like to do. A love of pets and of the outdoors led us to build the Kool Tools Store. Here we offer products for yourself and pets that help you enjoy life. It all started with our friend’s Kool Tool. This is an invention that now has many knock-offs because of how good it is to keep you cool. Wear this “evaporative cooling towel” around your neck – or your pet’s – whenever you’re super-hot … and get super relief!


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--Trader Dave

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